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Chapter Ten

Candace, Kristi, and I approach the front desk to collect our room keys. We always share a room whenever we have an away game. It is still early in the day so we will probably put our bags down and then go shopping and get something to eat. Jade comes to all my games, home and away, but isn’t allowed to stay in the player hotel. We dropped our bags on our beds and headed for the door. On our way out we ran into Lisa Leslie coming out of her room. “Hey girls, where ya headed?” Lisa’s smile always brightened up our mood. I don’t know what it is about it but whenever she smiled everyone around her smiled too. “Going over to the hotel Jade is staying in then heading out to go shopping. Wanna come?” Lisa let out a small giggle before replying. “No thanks, I’ll let you girls have some time alone. Have fun ” Lisa said as she began to walk past us with Lailaa to Carol’s room. 

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