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Chapter Twelve

“How hard is it to get a god damn cab around here. It’s worse than LA.” I say in frustration as a cab finally pulls up to the curb. As we are about to enter the cab, Jenna O’Hea runs over to us yelling at us to wait. I just love her Australian accent. I love anyone with an accent. “Mind if I join ya guys?” Jade always being the one to welcome anybody, stranger or not, motions for her to hop in. “So Jenna, got any advice for tomorrow? We always have trouble against them, well I always have trouble against them.” Jenna, giggling at my admitting to that, shrugs her shoulders. “Maybe you should learn to pass the ball instead of just going straight into the paint trying to get an ‘easy’ lay up.” Candace says as the whole cab, even the driver, bursts into laughter. “I know how to pass the ball.” I get looks from everyone in the cab. “What? I do. It’s you guys who always pass me back the ball when I pass it to you.” Candace, still giving me a weird look, “We pass you the ball cause you are good at 3 pointers and long 2’s. sometimes you can pull off an easy lay up but not against the Silver Stars.” It seems I always get this lecture from her whenever we are in San Antonio. 

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