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Chapter Fifteen

“Hey guys, I haven’t seen you for months” Kiara says as she runs full force at me and Jade with arms wide open. “I see you guys are still joined at the hip. Do you guys even spend time apart?” Jade and Jenna started giggling as I was paying to much attention to my phone. “Yea, we can’t hang out when she is at practice and morning shoot around. Me and Daryl cheer her on when she is doing her morning run though.” “I knew that already. So Hydie, I heard ya got a boyfriend. Who is it?” My face begins to get red as I blush. “Will you keep it down. It’s Blake Griffin of the Los Angeles Clippers.” Kiara begins to think of ways to make me blush even more than I already am. “If you are going to date someone on a Los Angeles team, at least make it a Laker. They have the same colors as you, minus the teal. Or better yet don’t date a basketball player.” “Ya know I can’t do that.” In the background we hear one of Kiara’s coworkers telling her she can go and that she will cover for her. 

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